Winter Wonderland Hyde Park (IMG / PWR Events)

Leading global events organisations covering a wide range of high profile events including our own hugely successful annual Winter Wonderland In Hyde Park London.



  • IMG required integration between their ticketing system and the Qflow laser scanners devices to cater for a high volume of daily real time sales from both on-site and website ticket sales.
  • A more fluid and insightful check-in experience was needed to ensure all guests were checked in quickly and securely based on their purchased attraction.
  • Attraction managers needed a real time understanding of session attendee statistics. This would allow them to make calculated judgement calls regarding the allocation of additional ticket sales for a given session.
  • A dual network (both 3G and WiFi) solution was needed to ensure continued reliability even if a primary web connection was lost due to network failure.


  • Direct development consultancy with IMG / PWR IT department to ensure successful integration strategy, methods and execution with the Qflow API.
  • Provision of hardware (Qflow laser ticket scanning units), on-site training and direct client support during the 5 week event duration.
  • Client web control panel for Winter Wonderland attraction and park management allowing session level attendee monitoring from any computer or mobile device. This gave decision makers valuable attendee insight in terms of no-show figures, allowing for real time ticket reallocation and sales for any given session even after a session had hit its sales capacity.
  • Detailed per session attendee statistics for post event analysis. Giving valuable insight into daily surge periods and ticket sale 'no-shows'.