The RICOH Women's British Open 2017 (in partnership with IMG)

The 2017 Ricoh Women's British Open was played 3–6 August in Scotland at Kingsbarns Golf Links in Fife. It was the 41st Women's British Open, the 17th as a major championship on the LPGA Tour, and the first at Kingsbarns, southeast of nearby St Andrews.


  • The organiser's needed to continue selling ticketing via their ticketing platform and on-site box office throughout the duration of the 4 day event. These on-sale and on-site ticket sales needed be successfully validated and scanned at each entry point.
  • Scanning needed be capable of detecting and validating both day specific and multi-day ticket barcodes from a single scan.
  • Mobile scanning devices required extended battery life to handle up to 12 hour per day gate opening periods.
  • Remote green field entry points needed scanning devices to maintain network connection for real time ticket data syncing.
  • Up to the minute understanding of on-site attendee statistics broken down by attendee and non attendees


  • Direct development consultancy with client development team to ensure successful integration strategy, methods and execution with the Qflow API. Concluding in successful real time sales data syncing to the Qflow mobile scanners for seamless multi day ticket scanning via a single barcode.
  • Provision of Qflow scanners with cross network 3G / 4G capability at remote entry points on the golf course to ensure continued reliability even if a primary WiFi / data connection was lost due to network failure. This gave the gate check-in staff real time ticket data syncing, alleviating the possibility of successfully scanning the wrong day or duplicated e-tickets.
  • The Qflow check-in app also runs via both an iOS and Android app. This allowed management to have simultaneous access to live attendee statistics on their mobile devices throughout the duration of the 4 day event.
  • Provision of details daily attendee reports were generated for maximum attendee insight.