Printworks (London)

London's latest go-to event space based in Canada Water. Hosting world class art, culture and music based events.


  • To provide a fluid event check-in solution with the capacity to handle large scale ticket scanning from across multiple ticket sellers.
  • Ticket scanners needed to be hand held units that can scan both popular 1D and 2D ticket barcodes. They also needed to have good battery life and be able to withstand all weather environment.
  • A dual network (both 3G and WiFi) solution was needed to ensure continued reliability even if a primary web connection was lost due to network failure.
  • Management required real time in-venue statistics available directly on phones or laptops, giving them valuable in-venue numbers based on guest type.


  • The Qflow web control panel allows management to efficiently centralise and upload barcoded entry data from across all their ticket sellers for each event. For non ticketed guests such as their guest list we have provide a barcoded guest list solution that quickly generates and sends a barcoded invite to the guest with all entry data sent automatically to the event ready for check-in.
  • Qflow laser scanning units. These units run a powerful barcode scanning engine that can scan all popular 1D and 2D barcodes with ease. They come with a ruggedised body, industry leading battery life and are water proof (IP67). This easily caters for any check-in environment. They also have offline capability if Wifi or a data connection is lost.
  • Qflow runs via both an iOS and Android app. This allows management to have simultaneous access to live attendee statistics allowing them to make informed decisions based on real time in-venue figures.