FUSE Int - (Pepcity - UEFA Champions League Final 2017)

A marketing agency within the Omnicom Media Group providing inspiring event management and brand awareness for leading global brands.


  • To provide a fluid and insightful check-in experience for multiple events across the city of Cardiff for both Pepsi VIP’s and Pepsi competition winners.
  • To facilitate an elegant guest arrival registration process for pre printed VIP and Competition Winners ID card registration.
  • Ability to check-in and generate detailed real time guest bus transit manifests to adhere to transport health and safety requirements.
  • Ability to track individual transport guest manifests in real time. A prerequisite in case of any accident or emergency incident.
  • On site Qflow team leader management and daily post event and transport manifest reports.


  • In-depth strategy consultancy to facilitate and track a guests journey. From initial registration and inbound bus transits to pre and post match event check-in and out bound bus journeys. This was all handled elegantly via the guest’s unique barcoded ID badge.
  • Guests were able to choose a bus transit time with their ID’s scanned prior to departure. Bus manifests were generated from each ID badge scan allow management to have access to bus specific manifests in line with required health and safety regulations.
  • ‍A Qflow representative was on-site throughout the duration of the weekends events in training and troubleshooting capacity. The Qflow team leader provided ad hoc advice and real time reports to Fuse management  allowing for maximum attendee insight.